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Response Strategies

5. Educating the public about the problem and effective prevention

There are many ways of communicating with the public about bike theft without raising fear of crime.

The British Transport Police (COPS guide), for example, have recently been giving away RFID tags at train stations to persuade the public to register their bikes.

The Metropolitan police (COPS guide) circulate leaflets about improving locking practice, and some organizations and councils take even more creative approaches to educate the public. For example, Bikeoff utilised films about bike theft from the Bike Film Festival (which are shown in 16 countries) to communicate with a crime prevention audience about locking securely. Islington Council repeated this film show to educate both student and police groups about what it's like out there. Bikeoff are currently researching best ways of including address to locking practice in cycle proficiency training, and promoting this aim.

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