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Hackney Victorian Grove, N16
(London UK)

A residential underground bike parking facility located in the courtyard and garden space of a small 1950s housing estate. When the estate was built, each flat was provided with a ground floor ‘pramshed’ for storage. Most of these sheds were demolished to make way for car parking. HomeBikePark upgraded the flimsy timber doors to steel security doors, and installed internal fittings to support two adult-sized bikes in each shed (using Broxap front wheel holders and troughs). The facility is undergoing improvements with assistance from BTCV. It provides parking for an average of 6 bikes. Access is via outside. Users can rent the facility with a renewable annual user agreement or a rental of £1 per week and can park for as long as they wish for a small annual fee.

London Calling Campaign in Hackney – HomeBikePark pilot project

Designer / Architect
London Calling Campaign in Hackney – HomeBikePark pilot project

Cost of provision
£ 3140

• High secure bicycle facility
• Cheaper solution
• Each shed can accommodate children’s bikes and accessories as well as two adult-sized bikes, making this a good soliution for families

• Cheaper solution needs to be found for providing new secure doors. The locking solution should also ideally feature an override for management
• Only provides cycle parking for three households out of a total of twelve flats in the estate

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