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Transport Interchange
Nakano (Tokyo JP)

Overground covered and uncovered bicycle parking serving north exit of Nakano Station. Parking is provided for up to 4400 bikes (800 freestanding and uncovered). The facility is open access ie there are no appointed guardians. Parking furniture inside is two-tier (‘double decker’) racks. Outdoors covered parking consists of: ramp racks, two tier racks, and outdoor uncovered free-standing areas consisting of free-standing racks. The facility is staffed between 0630-2030 on weekdays, and Saturdays 0900-1730. Users can park 24hrs but typically intended to serve a working day or day-trip, with charges ranging from ¥2200 a month (£11) for covered parking on the first floor of the main building, to ¥100 a day (£0.50) for uncovered outdoor parking.

Nakano City Office

Designer / Architect
Nakano city office

Cost of provision
Undisclosed information

• Large area, and has great potential for redevelopment
• The site pioneered the large scale bicycle parking in Tokyo, 10 years before, it also introduced new technologies
• Very close to the station (40-60m)

• Some of the furniture is starting to show signs of fatigue; some racks handle loosely and are not as solid as they originally would have been – factors which may inspire lack of confidence among cyclists
• The outdoor parking provision at the rear appears random and disorganised

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