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Transport Interchange
Oizumo Gakuen (Tokyo JP)

An underground bicycle park serving north exit of Oizumi Gakuen Station. Parking is provided for up to 1150 bikes (500 for rent). Access to the facility is controlled by an automatic tollgate activated by access control cards in order to time and charge accurately. Parking furniture consists of both two tiered (‘double decker’) racks for and tower-tiered racks for bicycle parking. The facility is staffed between 0800-2100 on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays 0900-1730. Daily parking is ¥100, while monthly tickets vary in price ¥2000 to ¥1000 depending on if the user is a student and if the user is willing to take a (less popular) upper level rack. Renting cost is ¥100 for 4 hours to ¥2000 (£10) for a non-student monthly rental.

Nerima City Office

Designer / Architect
Nerima City Road and Transport Office (the designer and maker of several parking storage solutions is Cycle Techno Corporation)

Post code 105-0004
Tokyo Minato-ku Shinbashi 1-16-8
Kureguran Shinbashi building
TEL 03-3504-051 FAX 03-3504-0470

Cost of provision
Undisclosed Information.

• In Tokyo many people own two bicycles, one for each end of their daily trip to work or school. This rental bicycle service is very convenient because it costs the same as paying for one’s bicycle parking, without having to own and service a second bicycle
• Security offered by controlling the area charges on access (via a tollgate) is probably better than individual locks fitted on each bicycle rack. Firstly because of the saving on energy, secondly because it uses fewer electrical mechanisms to maintain and service
• The site is secure since access is controlled

• The double deck tier racks have very low rise wheel holders. This adversely affects bicycle stability, making the bicycle wheels more susceptible to damage, especially the spokes
• The style of rack limits the opportunities to lock the bike to the rack with a chain or a cable.
• The bicycles for rent are only shopper bicycles (mamachari type) with no gears. An option with 3 speeds would improve rental service

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