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The Bikeeper is a patented rotating bicycle stand, which allows the cyclist to quickly and easily park the bike. It is a variation of the industrial/public use wheel stand that supports the front wheel. The Bikeeper secures the frame and the front wheel through its pivoting arm. The stand is made from steel and then powder/nylon coated. The stand is designed to be bolted to a concrete footing.

Typical Context of Use
The Bikeeper is aimed at public and semi-public use in much the same way as the wheel stands. Currently the stands are installed in public streets in Holland and would be appropriate within short stay semi-public use where security was less important than ease of use.

Typical Length of Stay
Short to medium (0-6 hours).

Number of Bikes per Unit

Approximate Cost per Bike
Aprox. cost for bike: €150–€200 per cycle space.

Locking Opportunities / Lock Compatibility
Both the front wheel and the frame can be secured providing the lock can encompass the front wheel, the down tube and the fixing hole in the main arm of the stand. The stand is compatible with all locks that can fit through the hole within the main arm of the stand.

Ease of Use / Time to Lock
Typically very easy to use, as the bike is held while it is wheeled into the stand.

• Provides stability during parking (including child seats on the bike)
• Easily accessed
• Suitable for both men's and ladies' bikes
• Supports the frame as well as the front wheel making 'wheel bending' less of an issue

• The back wheel is still left exposed to potential thieves.

Useful References

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