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The BikePort is a covered bicycle store for the home. Effectively a ‘Domestic Sheffield Stand’. It allows cyclists to secure and shelter the bike outside the house. It comprises a tubular steel frame in which bikes are parked and locked using a cyclist’s existing locks. It is covered in acrylic sheet which comes in a variety of colours. The opening side is held down by a single catch. BikePort can park 2, 3 or 4 bikes; however, each version can be simply altered to double its storage capacity if necessary by stacking the bikes. BikePort can be free standing or set into the ground using a concrete foundation.

Typical Context of Use
Front or back domestic gardens where bikes are out of public view e.g. behind a hedge.

Typical Length of Stay
Typically overnight storage within domestic residences.

Number of Bikes per Unit
2 to 4 depending on model.

Approximate Cost per Bike
£321per bike for the 2 bike version.

Locking Opportunities / Lock Compatibility
Good – two wheels and frame if not over crowded and stacked with bicycles. All types of locks can be used.

Ease of Use / Time to Lock
Close to the Sheffield stand, although when bikes are stacked access to the rear bikes is restricted. Time to lock is 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

• Secure locking opportunities
• Offers protection from the rain
• Maintenance costs are virtually nil

• Comparatively expensive
• Space needed to locate and access

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