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The Cycloc was originally designed for domestic indoor environments where floor space is limited. The design is a variation of the wall hook storage solutions that are widely available. Cycloc's unique shape, combined with your bike's own weight, holds the bike in place. A hole through the middle allows you to fit a bike lock to secure the frame. After securing to the wall a matching insert panel neatly conceals the fixings. Slotted mounting holes allow Cycloc to rotate to suit the angle of the top tube accommodating a range of frame shapes and sizes – so your bike is stored horizontally.

Currently the Cycloc doesn’t support bikes with step-through or traditional ladies’ bike (although a new design is being developed according to the website).

Typical Context of Use
Typically domestic indoor environments where space is limited. Cyclists also mount them on garden walls or inside carports.

Typical Length of Stay
Long/overnight within a secure environment i.e. inside the home.

Number of Bikes per Unit

Approximate Cost per Bike

Locking Opportunities / Lock Compatibility
Poor – only wheel or frame.
Cycloc can be used with any bicycle lock that can fit the hole. Cycloc is a display and storage product and not a primary security device.

Ease of Use / Time to Lock
Typically very easy to use, as long as the product is not inaccessible.

• Quick and easy installation
• Offers storage opportunities for clothes and accessories
• Maintenance costs are virtually nil
• Offers a compact, colourful and contemporary aesthetic

• Currently doesn’t support ladies’ bikes or step-through bikes
• Lifting the bicycle can be a problem for some users
• Can’t lock the wheels
• Central fixing points do not spread weight load and can cause problems or cavity on crumbling walls

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