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The M-stand is a variation of the common U-stand. The stand is designed to encourage secure locking practice by making it easier to lock both wheels and the frame to the stand and more difficult to lock your bike to the stand by the top tube (a common insecure locking practice that leaves bikes vulnerable to leverage. The design has been tested on street and has been shown to promote secure locking practices. More cyclists lock securely to M-stands than standard U-stands. The M-Stand is made from galvanised steel and then powder coated. It is installed by ground anchors set into concrete or bolted.

Typical Context of Use
Open or Restricted Access. Most urban areas: commercial pedestrian or street areas, shared spaces, residential zones etc.

Typical Length of Stay
Short to medium stay 0-6 hours.

Number of Bikes per Unit

Approximate Cost per Bike

Locking Opportunities / Lock Compatibility
Good - both wheels and frame can be locked to the stand providing locks can span wheel, frame and stand. The M-stand is compatible with all types of lock.

Ease of Use / Time to Lock
The same as the standard U-Stand / Sheffield stand. 30+ seconds.

• The stand encourages cyclists to lock bikes securely
• Maintenance costs are virtually nil
• Supports a wide variety of bicycles
• Can be used in all contexts U-stands can be used in, but with increased security due to better locking practices

• More expensive than typical U-stands

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