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Similar in design to the Cyclepod, the Minipod is a product which allows eight bikes and eight scooters to be secured. The Minipod has been designed to fit 12”-24” wheels, so is specifically aimed at children up to 11 years of age making it suitable for primary and junior schools. The Minipod allows children to lock their bikes and scooters in place by locating the back or front wheel in the slot and then locking it to the metal hoop. The Minipods are made from high impact recycled plastic and stainless steel tubing.

Typical Context of Use
Educational environments, primary schools.

Typical Length of Stay
Approximately 8 hours – a full school day.

Number of Bikes per Unit
8 Children’s bikes + 8 Scooters.

Approximate Cost per Bike
£56 per bike / scooter.

Locking Opportunities / Lock Compatibility
Poor / Adequate – only one wheel can be locked unless a chain lock is used which will reach the frame. Most types of locks can be used with the Minipod.

Ease of Use / Time to Lock
Placing the bike is relatively straightforward by simply wheeling the bike or scooter into the slot and applying the lock.

• Eye catching
• Space occupied is relatively small for number of bikes
• Encouraging children to cycle to school

• Large access footprint 360°
• Only allows front wheel locking

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