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Vandebeek Stand

The Vandebeek stand combines elements of the 'post' and 'wheel stand' parking solutions. It offers an improved aesthetic and provides increased functionality over these precedent solutions i.e. it holds the bike upright while providing a locking opportunity for the frame. The additional support offered by the post element of the design should avoid 'heel bending' often associated with conventional 'wheel stands'. The Vandelbeek is made from hot-dipped galvanised steel with a powder coated finish and is attached to the ground by fixing bolts set in concrete.

Typical Context of Use
Semi-restricted access. Surveyed, private or semi-private areas. Residential, workplace, school entrances etc.

Typical Length of Stay
Short stay.

Number of Bikes per Unit

Approximate Cost per Bike
TBD (waiting for manufacturer's reply).

Locking Opportunities/ Lock Compatibility
Poor / Adequate – certain locks e.g. short reach D-locks, will only allow the frame to be locked while others, such as chain locks, may reach to the front wheel as well.

Ease of Use/Time to Lock
The stand is very simple to use and supports the bike while the lock is being applied. Locking time can vary from 30sec to over 2min depending on the lock and how it is applied.

• Keeps the bike upright/supports the bike frame
• Considered/designed aesthetic
• Maintenance costs are virtually nil

• Does not offer a opportunity to lock the back wheel
• Awkward to lock step through frames

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