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Public / Semi-Public Use

Organisation Description
Aremco Products Sheffield Cycle Parking Stands
Autopa Ltd Sheffield Cycle Parking Stands
Barriers Direct Wheel stands/Shelters/Sheffield U-stands
Basics Industrial Wheel stands/Shelters/Sheffield U-stands Pedestrian and Bicycling Information Center, USA
Bike Arlington Arlington Virginia, USA
Bikeaway Ltd Lockers/shelter stands
Bikekeeper Innovative Dutch parking furniture
BikeLink Manufacturers of on-demand shared electronic bicycle lockers
Bike Miami Valley RTA Bus Bike Rack Bike Parking Resource
Bike Parking and Security Association Provides a list of manufacturers Makers of the "Bike Rib" series of variations on inverted U racks, located in Oregon, USA
Bike Security Racks Co. Inc Hoops/Rails/Racks/Post/Shelters/Sheffield stands
Broxap Ltd Sheffield stands, Lockers, Stands, Racks
Camcycle Provides a list of manufacturers
CTC Photo Library
Creative Pipe, Inc Manufacturer of bicycle racks, lockers, and bollards in California and Oregon
Chelsea Metalworks Bespoke street parking structures
Cyclehoop Robust steel ring that wraps around existing street furniture
Cyclepods "Award-winning cycle storage designs which are stylish, space-saving, flexible and highly secure"
CycleSafe Industrial furniture
Cycleworks Ltd Clamps/Sheffield stands/Shelters/Lockers/Racks
Dero Innovative Bike Racks
Dixon-Bate Ltd Sheffield stands and Cycle Lockers/Racks
Dobra Design Manufacturer of interior and exterior bike racks, located in Vancouver
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op Cycloc/Wall anchors/Hooks
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op Sunny Wheel Bike Lift/Wall Anchor
External-Solutions Ltd Shelters/Sheffield stand
Falco Shelters/Lockers/Wheels stand/Sheffield stand
Freedom City Ltd Wheel Stand/Sheffield Stand/Shelter/Locker/Rack
Furnitubes International Ltd Cycle stands/Hoop/Lockers
Glasdon Bikeminder Locker
Haldo Ltd Street furniture supplier/Shelters/Racks
Josta Designs Bike box
J&S Sheetmetal Cyclevice-extremely secure/Locker for cycling gear
Key Industrial Equipment Ltd Wheel stands/Lockers
Lock it safe Ltd Racks/Stands/Shelters/Lockers
London Borough of Hackney Public Cycling Parking
London Borough of Tower Hamlets Traffic islands used for cycle parking in Mile End Road
Macemain Amstad Ltd Sheffield stands and variations Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition
NBB Shelters and Racks
NSA Urban Products Manufacturer of Bikeeper
Outdoor Leisure Design, Manufacturer, Supplier, Install/Cycle parking/lockers
Parrs equipment Wheel stands/Racks/Sheffield Stands
Reading Borough Council Parking in Broad Street & the Oracle
Santa & Cole KEY stand
Sauderson Security Ltd Bolt Down Anchors
Sekura Byk Security stands/Clamps/Lockers
Shelford Design Ltd Wall/Vertical racking/Anchors/Hangers
Spacing Montreal New Bike Stands Montreal
Steel Line Ltd Stainless steel Sheffield Stands and racks
Tusk Store Industrial furniture
Urban Engineering Shelters/Racks
Wolters street furniture The Vandebeek stand
Woodhouse Manufacturers of contemporary street furniture, UK
Vandebeek Roel Vandebeek, home site
Velominck Dutch Manufacturer

Private / Semi-Private Use

BAC Industries Inc. Sheffield Cycle Parking Stands
Bike Care Cycle sheds, shelters hooks and more
Cycle Store Large stock of cycle supplies
Cycleworks Ltd Lockers/Hooks
Cycloc Ltd Cycloc
Design Against Crime M-stand
Deltacycle Hooks/Vertical storage/Wheel stand/Hoist
Discount Bicycles Limited Hooks/Vertical storage/Wheel stand/Hoist/Lockers
Frontyard Company Plant Lock
Nashbar Bike Ltd Hooks/Vertical storage/Wheel stand/Hoist
Shack Up Bike sheds
SportRack Hooks/Vertical storage/Wheel stand/Hoist
Trimetals Ltd Garden Sheds and Lockers
Wiggle Hooks/Vertical storage/Wheel stands

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