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Axa Defender Wheel Lock

The Axa Defender wheel lock fixes to a bike frames rear stays giving the cyclist the opportunity to lock the rear wheel to the frame. The locking mechanism functions by allowing a c-shaped steel ‘ring’ to be rotated within the lock housing. The ring passes through the wheels’ spokes and encompasses the rear rim and tube. The lock secures the wheel to the frame and stops it rotating. This has the combined effect of deterring back wheel theft and opportunist theft of the whole bike as it cannot be ridden away. It is very user friendly as there is nothing additional to carry and the key mechanism is easy to access and operate.

The lock attaches to a variety of different seat stays and will not interfere with any seat or rack attached to the bike. It also features a child-proof locking mechanism. This particular wheel lock can also be combined with a number of accessory chains and cables that ‘plug-into’ to the housing and are secured using the same key as the principal lock. This enables the front wheel and frame of the bike to be secured as well.

Wheel/ring lock

£20.00 for the lock. £20.00 for optional chain/cables

Sold Secure Rating

8.5mm hardened steel shackle. Optional chain is made of 5.5mm steel links that are fabric coated. The cable option is 12mm diameter mutli-braided steel.

• Simple and easy to use
• Additional cable/chains offer increased security

• Does not offer a high level of security. If the lock is opened then the effectiveness of the chain is compromised
• Lack of clear installation instructions
• Certain types of brakes may interfere with installation (e.g. V-brakes)
• Cyclist must carry a secondary extension lock to secure the front wheel and frame
• There are reports that the locking mechanism can be opened with a simple blank key


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