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Lock/Alarm Alarmed Cable Locks

The MAXI and HEAVYDUTY locks are Cable lock variants, which have an integrated alarm that emits a high frequency siren when the lock is cut or tampered with. The added security comes from alerting bystanders to an attacker’s presence and actions. These also work as a deterrent. The HEAVY DUTY lock is the heavier and more secure of the two, with an Ultra hard steel cable with hardened steel link rings and a vinyl cover. It is designed to lock both the wheel and frame to a parking stand. The MAXI lock it the lighter and intended to be used for short stay parking for locking both the wheel and frame.

The siren is housed in the body of the lock and with a conductive core to the cable that will activate an 110db alarm if the current is either cut or stopped temporarily. In addition the alarm will sound if the lock body is forced open.

The alarm runs off 2 replaceable AAA (LR03) batteries. When the batteries are running low the inbuilt LED light will stop flashing or become dim, and they can easily be replaced.

Alarmed Cable and Alarmed Armoured Cable Lock.


Sold Secure Rating

MAXI – Ultra hard steel cable with plastic cover.
HEAVY DUTY – Ultra hard steel covered by armoured steel links and a vinyl cover.

• The alarm brings unwanted attention to a theft in progress, though there is no guarantee that a bystander will intervene
• Vinyl coating protects bicycle frame from damage

• No bracket is provided to attach the lock to the bike
• The alarm only activates when the lock is breached making it possible to cut the lock and leave the scene, and the lock, with the bike


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