Manufacturers Description
ABUS From basic protection right through to hi-tech products
Almax Security Chains Ltd Almax Security Chains information and online UK store
Axa Basta Component manufacturer
Kiramek Security product manufacturer
Kryptonite Locks "The people at Kryptonite have a pure passion for creating the best security in the world. It's their innovative product designs, intimate knowledge of market trends and complete commitment to customers that will continue to keep the competition striving to reach the high bar Kryptonite sets and allows their customers to feel free to stop wherever they want."
Lock Alarm "Affordable and effective security products"
Magnum Locks Global manufacturers
Masterlock Lock manufacturer
Pinhead "The ultimate in anti-theft technology for bike components"
Pitlock Manufacturer of secure skewers for components
Pylones Snake Locks
Onguard Lock manufacturer
SG Locks Alarmed Bicycle locks
Squire Locks Lock manufacture
Lock Testing Agencies Description
ART Foundation Dutch foundation with the aim to increase the level of anti-theft prevention of two-wheeled vehicles
BSI British Standards Institute
Sold Secure Range of security products
SRA Certification Body France
SSF Swedish Theft Prevention Association
Varefakta Danish Institute for Informative Labelling
Vds Certification Body Germany
Key Commentators Description
Core77 Core77 One Hour Design Challenge to design a better bike lock
CTC The UK's national cyclists' organisation
LCC London Cycling Campaign
Security Technologies Description
Alpha•Dot Property marking security
Datatag Permanently mark and protect your property
Immobilise Registration system
Selectamark Selectamark specialises in the permanent marking and asset identification of property
SmartWater SmartWater is a forensic fluid containing millions of microscopic particles that make up an individual property identification code
Misc Description
Austin Bike Blog Review: AXA Defender rear wheel lock
BBC News Bicycles Stolen Every 71 Seconds
BCS BCS British Crime Survey - source of BCS PDF
Bike For All is a joint initiative of the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders via the Bike Hub levy scheme Kryptonite hit back after TV bike theft documentary The worst places for bike theft in the US, according to Kryptonite
Core 77 SeatLock-Theft Proof Bike, Core 77 1 Hour Design Challenge Winner
Cycling In Hackney Hackney Cyclists' trailer recovered
Design21 Social Design Network, in partnership with UNESCO
DesignWeek St Martins tackles cycle theft
Fear of Crime (essay) From John Howard Society of Alberta 1999
Flickr Lost Locks group
Joe Wentworth Designer of the Handlebar Lock
McMaster University Photos of good and bad locking practice
Mike Lambourn Designer of the SmartLock, exploding lock
Ride Rage Short film by Joe Hunter, shown at Bicycle Film Festival
Sheldon Brown Sheldon Brown's lock strategy
Slate Magazine Avoiding the Bicycle ThiefThe best locks to protect your wheels.
By Scott Elder
thelondonpaper Keep your bike safe in the city by Sebastian Lander
Theory for Crime Prevention "Opportunity Makes the Thief" by Marcus Felson and Ronald Clarke
Tower Hamlets Wheelers Brick Lane Market & Stolen Bikes
Treehugger "Design for a better lock" - SeatLock, The Theft-Proof Bike
Willamette Week Steal This Bike - If you saw a man on Hawthorne liberating a bike with 2-foot bolt cutters, would you intervene? Say something? Call the cops? You may think so, but we say fat chance. (+ Video!)

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