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On Sunday 15th June 2008, the CCC (Camden Cycling Campaign) Bike Bus ran between Camden Square and Hampstead Heath, London. The 'bus' consisted of a group of parents and children led and escorted by experienced cyclists. The first run left Camden square at 2pm, picking people up on the way to Hampstead Heath, following the route shown on the map.

One of the Bus route ‘conductors’ describes: "We started off with (three volunteers) together with three parents and five children. Several more joined along the route until Kentish Town Road where we numbered quite a lot. I think some more joined after that… We got to Hampstead Heath in 30 mins. The stickers, badges, balloons etc (given out to the children) were appreciated as were the ice cream vouchers. A number of parents were delighted to be able to take their kids on the road and wanted a regular kiddie ride.”

An inspired idea to get more kids and parents cycling and socialising, taking rewarding routes through areas where road or traffic conditions might not normally provoke the confidence for them to do so individually.

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