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Clown House (of Portland)

The Clown House is a loose collection of clowns and counter-culture bike enthusiasts who have put together a clown collective/performance group, based in Portland,
Oregon USA. They started off all living together in a large house in a rapidly gentrifying section of Portland, Oregon, providing a free space to sleep for itinerant travelling circus performers and other like-minded folk who blow through town. Portland has a motto, "Keepin' It Weird" and the clownhouse guys do their part.

Their show is a bike rodeo, featuring fantastically large bicycles, juggling and circus skills, wacky stunts, and other delights. They often perform on the street, as part of a roving crazy parade. They do all ages shows and burlesque shows for the over-21 crowd. They do events at the house, including a Bike Bikini Wash in which the clowns wash bikes while wearing bikinis. And for $15, they will pie just about anyone.

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