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Trek Stop

An idea much talked about among urban cyclists, which has finally been realized and installed, in pilot form at least – an on-street bicycle service station. This full service vending machine is stocked with bicycle products, food and cold drinks, and features an information centre, which includes maps, a message board, and advertising space for local events and announcements. There’s also a covered maintenance area with a work stand, free air, and even how-to videos a cyclist can play with at the push of a button just in case they're having trouble fixing that flat tyre or repairing their chain.

While drivers of motor-vehicles have access to all kinds of resources to suit them via petrol stations in every town and city, cyclists have, until now have had very little, especially outside of bike-shop hours. This station is a 24/7/365 convenience centre for cyclists that provides access to cycling products, information and a safe place to work on a bike, should it need roadside repairs or adjustment. It is aimed at all cyclists, but particularly those who might need a tube at midnight; those who need some air for their tyres on the way in, during the morning commute; for those not sure of the best route to get where they're going; it also provides for those who might be after a poncho, some wetwipes, an energy bar or more.

A real step in the right direction in terms of service provision to help make urban cycling that much easier and more attractive to a wider audience.

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