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Victor Actúa

A campaign that stems from the desire to propose more effective actions to increase cycling in the city of Barcelona and makes it through a media campaign, directed especially at non-users (non-cyclists) to create a consolidated culture of cycling in the city and make the bike understood as a true alternative to urban mobility and not just as an instrument of leisure and sport.

Victor Actúa was born out of the need to bring the culture of the bicycle closer to the citizen.

He is a fictional character who has taken shape and developed his own personality, created with the sole purpose of raising people’s awareness of the presence and needs of bikes in the city. He tackles topics such as cyclist security in the city, bike theft, lack of infrastructure, lack of public acceptance and respect for the need for a better understanding between street users. Since 2003 his campaign has involved writing to local and national press, a website, and intervention in public spaces. Victor Actúa’s projects are recognised and supported by organizations including BACC (Bicycle Club of Catalonia) and FAD (Fostering Arts and Design), Spain.

Victor Actúa uses methods within everyone’s reach: he writes letters to newspapers, he makes announcements on the Internet, and realizes tangible expressions in the street. He reflects on the problems he encounters and makes small protests while he looks for solutions. He rebels against the attitudes and situations that prevent him from gaining public support. The nonconformist activism, the unusual and unexpected solutions are the weapons he uses to make people at least talk about the bicycle.

Parking action: Victor Actúa is fed up with taking the bike up und down the staircase of his flat. Surfing the net, he discovered the possibility offered by the city council of requesting a bike parking space. Encouraged to make others aware, he makes use of his problem to demonstrate once again: through his web page he gives detailed instructions on how to request for cycle parking in the street with the city council and he explains the most appropriate steps to take in order to process it and to obtain from the city hall all the needed infrastructures.

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