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Bikedispenser & OV-Fiets

Bikedispensers are a vending machine style self service bike rental stations, that have by some been likened to ‘Pez’ candy dispensers, for the way they issue bikes and their playful appearance.

The automated system is now being worked into the national OV-Fiets (public transport bicycle) service in Holland, which rents bicycles from hire-points at rail stations. The Bikedispenser helps facilitate the use of a bicycle as an extension of a rail trip; as part of the OV-Fiets cycle scheme, it is targeted at frequent train users, mainly commuters. Those who sign up to the Bikedispenser scheme are also entitled to low-cost rental of standard bikes at over 100 other locations on the country's rail network.

The Bikedispenser meets a need to store a substantial number of bikes in a compact and safe environment - 50-100 bikes per dispenser. However, unlike other automatic bicycle dispensing solutions, Bikedispenser relies upon a uniform bicycle design and as such is geared towards bike rental rather than providing the possibility of parking for cyclists with their own bikes. The costs involved are €9.50 per year and €2.85 per rental transaction of up to 20 hours.

Fully automated ‘self service’ bicycle rental stations and public transport bicycles.

OV-Fiets / NS Netherlands rail network

Designer / Architect
Springtime Industrial Design, Branding and Research.

Supplier / Manufacturer of System Equipment
KNSM Laan 131
1019 LB Amsterdam
Tel. + 31 20 509 18 14
Fax. + 31 20 509 18 10

Cost of Provision
Official information about system provision costs is not available. However it is estimated that the supply and installation of one Bikedispenser, without cycles costs between €80,000 - €150,000, depending on its capacity and installation configuration.

• Visual benchmark among other bicycle parking and bicycle rental solutions
• Fits a lot of bikes into a small space (bikes just 16cm apart)
• Enclosure protects parked bikes from weather and reduces likelihood of vandalism or theft
• Very low rental costs will encourage use
• Strong identity and market positioning
• Integration with train stations permits the scheme to be piloted in a few sites to start with before expanding, with ready network of venues and users

• The large, solid on street enclosed form of the unit many not suitable for all locations looking to install cycle rental schemes
• Reduces natural sight-lines/ visibility in the immediate environment for other users
• Few have been implemented to date, so a fuller evaluation of the system and its longevity is hard to establish at this stage

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