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Cycle Centre
My Beautiful Parking (Barcelona ES)

An underground bike parking facility serving Calle Cervantes 5, Barcelona Barcelona city. Parking is provided for up to 120 bicycles. It has 24-hour access, facilitated by a magnetic card. Between 1000-2000 it is open as a normal shop which repairs and rents bicycles. The facility offers a mix of parking spaces via different types of furniture, with lower pricing for the higher level of the racks. Additional spaces are offered via vertical storage hooks mounted to walls.

My Beautiful Parking, Nicolás Olave & Marion Hassler

Designer / Architect
Nicolás Olave & Marion Hassler

Cost of provision
Information not available

• The location close to the Town Hall is good. In addition, there is a lift to take bicycles up and down, to avoid the stairs
• My Beautiful Parking has security and the cycle park is under camera surveillance
• It is well-lit
• In addition, bicycles can be rented or left for repair. While the bicycle is being repaired, another will be lent to the client without any cost

• While the bike is taken up or down in the lift, the user walks down or up to collect it
• Motorcycles are allowed to park on the repair floor which must be crossed to collect the bicycle. It gives a bad impression and it greatly reduces the space

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