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Royal College of Art (London UK)

At the rear of the building next to the Students' Union is an overground uncovered bike parking area which is connected to the Royal College of Art. Users can access the facility via the street. Parking furniture is offered via Sheffield U-stands but due to a lack of furniture, students also use barriers and lampposts to park their bicycles. The parking is free public parking available 24/24 hours but it is assumed that most of the users are students so in effect the facility operates 16 hours/day. These facilities were installed when the building was built in 1961.

At the front of the building, opposite The Royal Albert Hall, there are a further 25 Sheffield stands providing uncovered parking. These are the responsibility of Westminster City Council.

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Designer / Architect
Westminster City Council

Cost of provision

• Natural protection may be provided from people standing in front of the building but the furniture does not offer/provide good security, as security is dependent on locks used by cyclists

• Bike facilities are not effective enough in terms of both quantity and quality – and security is minimal.
• Visual chaos created by bikes
• Crowded Parking
• CCTV not obvious or directed

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