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Frampton Park Estate (London UK)

Located in Hackney, East London, the Frampton Park Estate contains 56 2m high bicycle lockers for 1160 flats that previously had no bicycle parking provisions. Despite having more than adequate car parking spaces and garages 69% of households did not own a car (2001 Census data). The estate consists of post-war medium and high-rise blocks, some with working lifts but many without. Bikes were stored/locked in communal walkways, at high risk of theft and vandalism.

After consultations with residents the bike lockers were launched in July 2008. They are made from galvanised steel and can be rented for an annual fee of £30 (plus £20 returnable deposit for the padlock and key). The lockers are available to residents of the estate who sign a contract agreeing to proper use. Funded by Transport for London and provided for by Hackney Homes the lockers are maintained by the Tenants’ Representatives. Locker revenue covers the administration costs. They have initially been well received by residents.

Hackney Homes with London Borough of Hackney and Transport for London

Designer / Architect
Jason Hamlyn of Bikeaway

Cost of provision
Around £500/locker including installation

• A secure facility where bike, components and accessories can be locked away
• Encourages residents to consider cycling as an alternative means of commuting
• Cluttered spaces previously taken up by bicycles on walkways and communal corridors are cleared
• Relatively low cost to the cyclist

• Due to its recent implementation, the effect the lockers have on anti-social behaviour has yet to be assessed
• A small number of lockers have been provided for a large estate

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