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Transport Interchange
Mitaka (Tokyo JP)

An overground bicycle park featuring both covered and uncovered parking serving north exit of Mitaka Station. Parking is provided for up to 260 bikes (10 for station building staff use). Bike furniture is the latest generation two-tier (‘double decker’) and single-tier racks. Handling and lifting of bikes is assisted by a hydraulic system with integrated electronic locks to secure the front wheel. The facility is unstaffed but monitored by CCTV. Users pay for bike parking. The vending machines for payment are fitted with a “Suica” card reader. Suica is a rechargeable smart card that forms a national network of electronic currency used as a fare card on train lines in Japan and is equivalent to the London Oyster card. The vending machines can also operate with Mobile Suica, which is the prepaid system incorporated into mobile wallet phones.

Mitaka ward transport planning office

Designer / Architect
Mitaka ward transport planning office

Cost of provision
Undisclosed information

• Very convenient location
• Really easy to use, easy to pay, the design of the tier rack is a clear result of a process of research and development since it addresses several issues to do with balance, weight, handling and effort normally found on double deck tier racks
• The locking system seems more secure than others, the design of the rack allows the use of other locks

• It is a small facility for a hyper-populated area of 10.000 inhabitants per square kilometre

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