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Transport Interchange
Bicycle Park Zutphen (Amsterdam NL)

An underground bike parking facility serving Zutphen rail station and transport interchange. Parking is provided for up to 3000 bikes and 50 motor scooters. Access to the facility is via a ramp from street level. Users have the option of parking in bays with controlled access via a swipecard and turnstile or open access. Parking furniture is two-tier (‘double decker’) to maximise space. The facility is staffed between 05:30 and 01:30 daily. Users can park for as long as they wish, up to a maximum of 4 weeks, free of charge.

Zutphen Municipality in partnership with NS (Netherlands Railways)

Designer / Architect
S2 architecten, architect Frank Spoek

Cost of provision
Build cost £3.7m. Annual maintenance cost £135,000

• Free and easy to access and use
• Safe and secure. Staffed
• Open access or controlled access is optional and at users’ discretion
• Controlled access takes longer and is more secure
• Open access is quicker but less secure, as accessible to all

• Expansion of parking area is restricted as underground area cannot be extended
• Access via stairway, whilst convenient for most users, is not so easy for elderly or less able users

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