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Metropolitan University (London UK)

An over-ground uncovered bike parking linked to the Metropolitan University. Parking is provided for up to 18 bicycles. Users can access to the facility via the street. Parking furniture is offered via Sheffield U stands. This is public parking and is free and available 24/24 hours but it is hardly secure. Given that it is understood that some of the users are students a proportion of which may need to use the facility 16 hours/Day they are hardly addressed with sufficient parking provision. The Sheffield stands were moved to this location as their previous location has been redeveloped.

Estates Department of Metropolitan University

Designer / Architect
Estates Department of Metropolitan University

Cost of provision
Information not available

• Given the location is in Holloway, Islington where there are high levels of bike crime, this is poor provision to say the very least, given some users need longer stay provision

• There is no campus area and not much student activity to act as eyes on the street
• No flow of people passing through the space
• No CCTV focused on bike area, only on the university entrance
• Quiet hidden area which provides opportunities and time for thieves to do their work

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